Inbound Domestic

Inbound Call Center are centres in which call is always initiated by the customer & agents of Call Center receives incoming calls. For example – Customers call to customer care centre & get their issues and complaints resolved. In domestic Inbound Call Centers, calls are received from within the country for which we are hire agents who can speak varied language to handle customer inquiries & satiate the customer issues..

Inbound International

Similarly, in International Inbound Call Center, call is always initiated by customer & agents of Call Center receives incoming calls, but here clients are international companies & call centre receives international calls on the behalf of overseas client.

Outbound Domestic

A domestic outbound call center is one in which call center executives make outgoing calls to list of people within the same country on the behalf of a business or client. Calls made from the center can include telemarketing, telesales, fund-raising calls, bill explanation calls, or collection-related calls as well as calls for contact list updating & so many.

Outbound International

In these types of call center, executives make international outgoing calls on the behalf overseas client who outsource their calling activities to call centre. It may be Web-based or Telephonic depending upon requirement of client. Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services include collecting and entering data in databases and keeping records of valuable information of the company accurately & effectively and making reports easily accessible by client in required form. Our ideal operators are having essential data entry skills, like fast typing with an eye for detail and familiarity with multiple software’s & applications which improve the service quality..

Finance project

Finance include the full range of managing the accounts payable, accounts receivable process nd billing. It also includes managing the general ledger, bank reconciliation, accounts etc